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January 10, 2010


Being a food blogger, every meal, cooked at home or eaten out, is a potential post. Most times when I cook or dine out, I know beforehand if I’m going to be writing about it; other times, however, I am unsure but take pictures (and mental notes) anyway. This post is dedicated to those very meals.

This is what I ate at Baton Rouge in Laval, Quebec – pan-seared scallops and shrimp on a bed of linguine in a creamy tomato sauce. This dish was delicious. I don’t usually order seafood at restaurants, simply because besides sushi I’m not a big seafood fan, but that night I was craving scallops and this dish hit the spot.

One day I was in the mood to make custard (this one) and made these crème puffs to have something to use the custard for. They were great but they didn’t hold their shape. This is a common problem when working with pate au choux and since I’m not exactly an expert baker, I have to keep practicing.

These are herb and sun-dried tomato farmer cheese filled profiteroles, which is also choux pastry. These did actually hold their shape but were undersalted, which is something that cannot be salvaged with baked goods. This is a great appetizer idea and my family enjoyed them a lot but I felt that they were lacking in flavor.

This was a cheese and basil chicken roulade. A great concept yet lacking in flavor as well. Basil and chicken go great together and naturally I thought of adding tomatoes in there too but wanted to make it original…does anyone have any suggestions of how to improve this dish without adding tomatoes??

This is a bacon, dill, scallion, cheese and tomato omelet. These was nothing wrong with this omelet, in fact, it was a great flavor combination.

I haven’t been cooking a lot lately, as laziness has gotten the best of me, but hopefully this week I’ll have some goodies to share : )


Katherine Aucoin said...

Looks like you enjoy some top shelf treats! Everything looks so scrumptious!

Pam said...

The pasta dish looks amazing! I also love the combination of flavors in the omelet.

Kitchen Butterfly said...

I would shake on that....every meal is a potential post. I just keep storing the photos and there are times when I can't cook that I fall back on those....Great selection

mickey said...

I think your pate a choux looks amazing.

S said...

Looks delicious, did you make these?

Kate at Serendipity said...

I'm thinking about your question on the chicken and basil roulade. Some ideas off the top of my head:

1) marinate the chicken in advance--maybe something with yogurt?
2) add some mint?
3) maybe breadcrumb it and give it a crispy coating (like Nigel's fish on my blog).
4) what kind of cheese did you use? Maybe you could punch it up with some garlicky Boursin...
5) bacon. Add some bacon.

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh I'm in food heaven, these all look divine. Totally things I would eat....all the time :)