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June 5, 2010


Went to Pop-bar yesterday with the Mister for an afternoon gelato on a stick. I had a coconut one and he had the coffee. It was creamy, delicious, fresh and refreshing. Though $4.50 for one serving of ice-cream is kind of a stretch. For that price, shouldn't they get someone to handfeed it to you too?


Chef Aimee said...

This spot is on my summer "to eat" list! The Gianduia is going to be first pick! $4.50 is steep, but I really hope the sorbet was cheaper or thats insane!

How to Cook a Mockingbird said...

They pull you in with beautiful colors and delicious smells, when all they really want is your money!
Haha I'm kidding, but this looks amazing and despite the price, I would absolutely want to eat one.