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June 17, 2010

Like a Virgin.

This past Saturday, Alen and I spent the whole day in the city, taking care of business here and there. We stopped at Lillie's for an early dinner. Lillie's is a Victorian-style bar and restaurant. It's an interesting place though I didn't have high hopes for the food. Boy, was I wrong. Look at this!
The chicken pot pie blew my mind. I must confess - this was my first time eating it. Being a Ukrainian immigrant living in Brooklyn, it is not something I come across often. I know chicken pot pie is a common, homestyle comfort food for many Americans but for us, comfort is most usually found in Borsht or pierogies.
This pie consisted of white meat chicken, potatoes and vegetables in a cream sauce, topped with crispy Phyllo dough. It was very satisfying and certainly comforting.

Stop by Lillie's for a drink and some yummies if you're in the area sometime, at 13 East 17th Street.