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November 17, 2010

Brennan and Carr's

I’ve been living 2 blocks away from Brennan and Carr for the past 10 years, so when I’m looking to satisfy my ever-present cheeseburger craving, this is where I find refuge.
This fast food gem has been open for business since 1938. It is a small, brick and wood-paneled shack, located in the Marine Park neighborhood of Brooklyn. The interior is designed like a log cabin, which is just one of the many charming things about it. They’re notorious for their roast beef sandwich (the entire thing is dipped in jus!) and the Gargiulo burger, which is a cheeseburger that’s topped with roast beef. I’ve yet to try this specialty though – frankly, the thought of so much beef in one place intimidates me.
Besides the French fried potatoes, and the battered and fried onion rings, you will not find a vegetable in sight in Brennan and Carr, which I love.

Their food is simple, unpretentious, made with love and very reasonably priced.

Get a better look at Brennan and Carr on Man vs. Food, on Thursday, November 25th at 3 pm on the Travel Channel.


Nubiasnonsense said...

looks reasonable and those fries look yummy

Alen Agaronov said...

Man vs. Food???
Thanks for the heads up!