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July 15, 2010

16 Handles of Love!

Forgive me for the lack of posts lately. I have 6 days left to prepare for my voyage to Paris and I've been running around like a madwoman putting final touches on everything. Needless to say, my bloggy-blog has dropped a few numbers of my priority list : /

Yesterday afternoon, Irina took me and Sofya to try out a frozen yogurt place in the East Village. It's called 16 Handles, and what differentiates it from other frozen yogurt chains it that it's self-serve and the price is determined by weight. Also, they have 16 different flavors! The flavors range from vanilla to peanut butter to red velvet cake. They also offer 30 different toppings.

Usually I'm not too crazy about frozen yogurt but upon seeing 16 taps of different flavors and a rainbow of toppings, my mind blanked and the only thought left was "More!"

(The picture sucks. I took it with my Blackberry.)
I chose the chocolate, NY cheesecake and red velvet flavors and topped them with brownie pieces, cookie dough, kiwi, strawberries, bananas, Butter Finger pieces, caramel and whatever else my hand reached out to. The final product was delicious and very fresh.

Definitely go to 16 Handles if you have the chance!
153 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10003


Adventures in Domestic Cooking said...

The frozen yogurt looks fantastic!!

Unknown said...

Serlf-self frozen yogurt?
Very intriguing...

Hopefully you don't leave the shop with your own "16 handles" ;)

soop said...

I love that place. I have gone in telling myself I'll get the smallest cup, and invariably end up with an overflowing, bucket-sized amount.

And I have no regrets.