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April 1, 2009

My Newest Obsession

On my lunch break earlier today I found myself at one of my favorite places – The Food Emporium on 3rd Ave. at 68th Street in Manhattan. As I was browsing through their chocolate section I came across something absolutely divine: Ghirardelli peanut butter filled milk chocolate. Oh-em-gee! This stuff is insanely good. The chocolate is sweet but not too sweet and has a perfectly smooth consistency. And the peanut butter filling is…well, heavenly, as peanut butter generally tends to be. Although chocolate and peanut butter often find themselves working together, Ghirardelli has achieved perfection in this marriage. This chocolate bar is anything but average. The taste is definitely one step up from Reese’s (sorry Mr. Reese.)

I absolutely recommend everyone to try this stuff, it will make both, your stomach and your heart, smile = )