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September 12, 2010

The First Sunday Soup!

While making this pea soup today, I had an idea - every Sunday, during the cold weather weeks that follow, I will cook and blog about a soup of my choice. Autumn and winter weather can be pretty depressing and what better way to lift a spirit than with a bowl of something warm and delicious.

So, this recipe was brought to us by Ina Garten, and can be found HERE.
Pea soup is one of my very favorite soups and has been ever since I was old enough to distinguish between different soups. This is a wonderful recipe. Although the cooking time is an hour and a half, it is mostly inactive. Try this recipe next time you're in the mood for soup and comfort, you won't regret it...Sasha wouldn't steer you wrong ; )

*The recipe doesn't say to puree the soup but I think it is absolutely necessary.


Lynda said...

This is a delicious looking bowl of soup Sasha.....I can't wait for cool weather here so I can make soup. It's my favorite cold weather meal. YUM!