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September 9, 2010

Doughnut Heaven

I’ve been trying to get myself over to Doughnut Plant for FOREVER! The Travel Channel loves it, the Food Network loves it, food bloggers love it and now I can finally say I love it too.

Doughnut Plant is run by Mark Israel and has been located way in the east of lower Manhattan for the past 10 years (full history available here). Their menu changes seasonally and each doughnut is crafted with high quality ingredients.

After shoving through locals and tourists on Grand Street for about 15 minutes, Lily, Irina and I finally made it to this tiny shop. Irina and I split a white peach glazed yeast doughnut and a coconut cream coconut glaze square doughnut – Lily doesn’t like sweets, that silly girl.

We “ooh”-ed and “ah”-ed and “nyam, nyam, nyam”-ed as we bit into these confections. The doughnuts were fluffy, light and chewy. The coconut one tasted like the tropics exploded in my mouth – the cream inside was divine (…refrain from dirty jokes here).

The white peach was aromatic and delicious.


Find yours at:
379 Grand Street
New York, NY 10002