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June 21, 2009


Cafeteria is a restaurant that I’ve been hearing a lot about lately and Friday night my friends and I decided to have dinner there. The food there is marketed as comfort food with a twist. If you ask me however, I’d say the twist is negligible.

We arrived there around nine o’clock and it was packed. We waited for our table for 40 minutes. The restaurant was pretty loud and the wait staff wasn’t that friendly (they were good-looking though.) The menu was extensive, included were: sandwiches, soups, burgers, salads and seafood.

Instead of bread, Cafeteria serves warm biscuits. And instead of regular old butter, they serve a butter whipped with honey – which might’ve been my favorite part about the whole meal! It was original, unexpected and very tasty.

For my drink, I chose the Aloe Vera Lemonade ($6.00.)

It was a good glass of lemonade, except the “aloe vera” part seemed to be missing…

As an appetizer, I shared Smoked Gouda and Bacon Macaroni and Cheese ($9.00) with my friend Sofya. Sorry, I didn’t get a picture. It was pretty good but nothing to write home about.

As for the entrée, I had the Spicy Roasted Chicken ($16.00.)

Overview: the mashed potatoes were under-salted and runny, the chicken was also under-salted and not spicy at all, and the topping of “roasted pepper salad”…well, let’s just say it was more of a garnish than an actual part of the dish. Overall it was okay. I’m pretty sure I could’ve done a better job at home, though.

In conclusion, *clear throat,* I expected more of Cafeteria from all the hype. The food is not extraordinary but at least the prices are reasonable. I don’t see myself going back there.


119 Seventh Ave

New York, NY 10011


Katherine Aucoin said...

Sorry the meal wasn't up to par. Finding a little neighborhood gem is a lot like kissing a lot of toads in order to find a prince!

Sasha said...

Oh absolutely! But I don't mind doing all the kissing along the way ; )

abster said...

wow I'm so surprised because it looks so delicious in the picture

Sasha said...

Looks can be deceiving, my friend : /

♥peachkins♥ said...

Aaww, I hate it when you expect something out of a place and it doesn't turn up to par.

Sasha said...

Yea : /
But it's okay! I am fully prepared to try out all the restaurants in the world to find the best ones! Hehe

Helene said...

On the pics it looks really good. Great attitude you have!

Sasha said...

Haha. Thanks, Helene : ]

Olga said...

ugh, it's so annoying when you are disappointed with the food.

how adventurous of you to try aloe vera lemonade!

Sasha said...

Haha, yeah, I suppose. When I was little and got sick my mom would make this weird concoction out of the aloe vera plant we grew in the house and make me drink it. I always dreaded it, so I'm not sure what compelled me to try this lemonade.
But like I said - there wasn't anything aloe vera about it : /

Chef Fresco said...

I've come to realize that going out to eat is usually a complete gamble these days — especially since my pallet of cooking has become more expansive. I now focus more on the company I dine with rather than the quality of the dish. Although, it's always nice to eat out, take a break and be rewarded with a great meal but so disheartening when you aren't.

Sasha said...

I agree with you, Chef Fresco. When I go out to eat, I expect the food to be cooked better than I could've done myself and I can tell when the job done was mediocre.

Thanks for visiting!